Elana Surgical Kit (HUD)

The ELANA Technique is used to make a bypass in the brain. The Elana Surgical Kit contains disposables and implants needed to perform an ELANA procedure. The ELANA Technique is used by neurosurgeons in medical centers around the world to make a bypass in the brain as the only solution for several terminal indications.

Contents of Elana Surgical Kit HUD

Contents of Elana Surgical Kit HUD

The indications for use for the Elana Surgical Kit (EU) read as follows:
The Elana Arteriotomy System is intended for creating an intracranial arteriotomy in a nonocclusive manner.

Elana Catheter 2.0

The Elana Catheter 2.0, for performing an arteriotomy, was developed at the UMC Utrecht. This hollow catheter, conducting laser light, can be slid in the donor vessel. By means of vacuum suction, the catheter holds the wall of the main blood vessel against the catheter. With laser light the catheter can then cut a round hole in the wall of the main vessel. The design of the catheter is described in several patents. The catheter is a disposable product.

The Elana Catheter 2.0 (above left) is a laser – vacuum suction catheter consisting of a multitude of quartz fibers suitable for the transmission of ultraviolet light arranged to form a plane circle with an outer diameter of 2.0 mm at the tip. The tip of the catheter consists of a metal grid for applying the vacuum and 2 layers of fibers.

The Female LuerLock (above middle) connection to the vacuum tubing is located at approximately 40 cm from the catheter tip.

The catheter plugs (above right) into a laser system, which generates the laser light (308nm) required for the ELANA Technique. Only the Spectranetics CVX-300 laser system is compatible with the Elana catheter.

Elana Rings 2.6 & 2.8

This platinum ring (below) is used to attach the donor vessel to the main vessel and prepares the site for the action of the catheter. The ring was developed by the UMC Utrecht.

One platinum ring of 2.6 mm and one platinum ring of 2.8 mm (inner diameter) are provided in the Elana Surgical Kit.


Elana Surgical Kit is available in Europe from the manufacturer and authorized representatives, REF 801.

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