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Elana bv



Partner hospitals

Elana bv holds a close relationship with all hospitals that use the ELANA technique. The reciprocity of this relationship can be found in the sharing of clinical experience for research and product development objectives. Examples of the services that Elana bv provides to maintain and strengthen the relationship are: support by clinical procedures, training, Elana user meetings and participation by events. For an overview of the partner hospitals, please click here.



Annemarie Tulleken Foundation

The Annemarie Tulleken Foundation supports medical vascular research at UMC Utrecht. Use the following this link to go to the (Dutch) website.

Catharijne Foundation

The Catharijne Foundation supports medical research in general at the UMC Utrecht. The foundation has been a longstanding supporter of the ELANA technique. They can be reached through this link (Dutch website).