Elana bv is a subsidiary of the Dutch non-profit foundation, Stichting Brain Technology Institute (BTI). The founding partners of BTI are the UMC Utrecht, University Hospital Zürich and University Health Network Toronto.


Our mission is to improve quality of life for people with vascular diseases by maintaining a leading edge in bypass research and through the development of unique solutions for surgery.


The ELANA anastomosis technique is invented and developed by the team of Prof CAF Tulleken, department of neurosurgery, UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands. In 2004 Elana bv was founded. Since then Elana bv organizes in cooperation with the University Medical Centre Utrecht microsurgical courses for neurosurgeons who are interested in or would like to adapt the ELANA technique. Elana bv develops and sells the Elana disposables and implants needed to perform the Excimer Laser Assisted Non-occlusive Anastomosis technique.