Advantages ELANA Technique

  • No occlusion time of arteries

The Elana products facilitate the creation of a bypass in the brains without the need to occlude the blood flow through the recipient artery. In traditional bypass techniques the surgeon needs to occlude the recipient artery in order to establish a bypass, and by this the blood flow to the brain is interrupted. It actually turns the principle of a conventional anastomosis around, in which patients can suffer from long occlusion times. With the ELANA Bypass the blood flow is maintained, and there is no time pressure for the surgeon to perform the bypass.

  • 100% bail out option

The ELANA Bypass is the only bypass that allows the surgeon to safely stop the procedure at any stage of the surgery. In traditional techniques this is not the case – at the moment the surgeon makes a cut in the artery the attachment needs to be completed and under time pressure as the blood flow is temporarily occluded (see point 1). With ELANA the attachment of the blood vessel is performed first, and the cut is only made when the attachment is performed well and tested to be leak free.

  • minimal invasive

During intracranial bypass surgery the brain is temporarily put aside in order to reach the blood vessels that are involved in the bypass (called brain retraction). Patients can suffer from brain retraction. The ELANA bypass requires less retraction compared to traditional bypass procedures.

  • no measures for brain protection

In conventional bypass techniques medication is often used in order to protect the brains during the occlusion of the arteries. This becomes unnecessary with the ELANA Bypass as the bypass is non-occlusive (see 1st bullet point).

  • opens new possibilities

The ELANA Bypass opens a whole new spectrum of possible bypasses in vascular neurosurgery. Because of no occlusion time (see above point 1) and less brain retraction (point 3) one can attach the bypass to arteries that are bigger or situated at deeper positions in the brains. Without ELANA these arteries could not be selected.