Elana Training Device

Elana bv develops and sells training devices for vascular microsurgery. The Elana Training Device helps vascular surgeons practice specific microsurgical skills for vascular surgery in an in-vitro model. By putting water pressure on an organic or artificial blood vessel in an adjustable working cavity, the device is a perfect model to use for training. All kinds of techniques can be performed, among which end-to- end / side anastomosis techniques, clipping techniques, managing complications and performing the only full non-occlusive anastomosis technique (the so called ELANA technique). The Elana Training devices are increasingly used by anatomical workshops for surgeons.

Elana Training Catheter

The Elana Training Catheter is developed by Elana bv. With this catheter, surgeons can practice specific microsurgical skills to make an arteriotomy using the ELANA technique. The tip of the Training Catheter (with an outer diameter of 2.0 mm) consist, just like the Elana Catheter 2.0, of a metal grid for applying the vacuum and 2 layers of fibers. This product is not sterile and may not be used for clinical cases.

Elana Lab Rings

The Elana Lab Rings are made of brass and are sold in order to practice the ELANA technique in combination with the Elana Training Catheter. Just like the Elana Rings, the Elana LabRings have an inner diameter of 2.6 mm or 2.8 mm. This product is not sterile and may not be used for clinical cases.

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