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Elana bv

Elana bv taken over by BTI
Utrecht, December 2012, Elana bv (2012 12).

Elana bv announces that it will be taken over by the Brain Technology Institute per 1st of January 2013. The company will maintain the availability of the Elana Surgical Kit and will continue to develop new products for a less invasive bypass. Claartje Beks-Ypma is appointed as director of Elana bv, and will also be part of the board of the Institute. The other board members of BTI are Prof. G. Rinkel (UMC Utrecht), Dr. A. van der Zwan (UMC Utrecht), Prof. L. Regli (University Hospital, Z├╝rich), Prof. M. Tymianski (University Health Network, Toronto), Dr. D. Langer (North Shore Hospital, New York) and Dr. K. Bouter (Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Den Bosch).

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