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The ELANA Technique

The ELANA Technique

If a surgeon decides to make a bypass, he needs to choose 1 or 2 sites on a recipient blood vessel (mostly an artery) to make an anastomosis (the artificial connection pl...


Possible ELANA locations

Possible ELANA locations

The ELANA technique involves a platinum ring. A 2.6 and a 2.8 mm ring are enclosed in the Elana Surgical Kit. Therefore, the smallest possible recipient artery has a diam...



Making a bypass in the brain is sometimes the last treatment option in very ill patients. Conventional bypass techniques are accompanied by high ischemic risks because an...


Patient referral

Professor C.A.F. Tulleken, M.D. Ph.D
Email: foundation@elana.com

Professor L. Regli, M.D. Ph.D
Tel: +31 (0)30 253 7276 (ask to be redirected to Prof. Regli)

A. van der Zwan, M...

Brain Technology Institute






The Elana Surgical Kit is CE certified since October 2005 healthcanada



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