Interview with UMCU neurosurgeons on the improvement of the ELANA technique

Please visit this link to read an interview with Prof. Bart van der Zwan and Dr. Tristan van Doormaal on the developments of the Elana Technique. For more information, please also go to the website of BTI

New York Times reports on 1st ELANA Surgery in USA

The New York Times heads on its frontpage: “With lasers daring, doctors race to save a young man’s live”. This article is about the first ELANA surgery in the US. Dr. David Langer from the St. Luke`s Roosevelt Hospital Centre in New York successfully performed the surgery on a young father who had a Giant Aneurysm and was back to work within several weeks. To read the complete article or see the complete interview, please click on the links below. 


Fox News also reported on this surgery: