Patient Information

There are different diseases that can affect the blood vessels supplying your brain with vital oxygen, these can include ananeurysm and ischemia. If these diseases have been diagnosed, it is important to discuss the treatment options with your physician.

This website contains information about these diseases and more specifically information about the ELANA Arteriotomy system. The ELANA Arteriotomy system could be used to create bypass in the brain. A bypass is one of the treatment options your physician could choose for when a vessel disease in the brain has been diagnosed. Aneurysm and ischemia are vessel diseases. An aneurysm is a bulging or ‘ballooning’ of a weakened area of a blood vessel. Ischemia is a lack of necessary blood supply / oxygen to the brain. Only a few specialized centers use the ELANA system.

On this website you will also find links to patient foundations. These foundations could be very helpful to you in providing more information about your disease, treatment options, and to share experiences with other patients. 

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