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Elana bv

Laser and Pump

Excimer Laser: Spectranetics CVX-300

Excimer Laser: Spectranetics CVX-300The Spectranetics CVX-300 Excimer Laser is the only laser system that is compatible with the Elana Catheter 2.0. The Excimer Laser produces a pulsed ultraviolet laser beam at a wavelength of 308 nanometer for the removal of all types of tissue. Elana bv orders and delivers the Spectranetics laser.


Vacuum Pump: Medela Dominant 50 / Flex

The Medela Dominant 50 vacuum pump or the Medela Dominant Flex vacuum pump is, together with the extension tubing of 2.6m, the recommended system to connect to the Elana Catheter 2.0.



Contact laser and pump

Elana bv provides product information about the Spectranetics CV-300 Excimer Laser and the Medela Dominant vacuum system and may order and deliver them.

If you would like to have more information, you could use the following link: Contact page